The Scenic Route – Nov/Dec 2015

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That Fall chill is definitely in the air. Makes me crave hot tea, crispy toast and a cigarette. The perfect breakfast. Or it used to be. Gave up smoking around 10 years ago. So that breakfast is definitely out.

But it still feels like a perfect road trip day. I think I’ll get dressed… crank up the mini and hit the trail.

Errands are all done. I’m rolling past The Cailloux Theater (always something interesting going on there) on Main Street, Kerrville, also known as, Hwy 27. I’m heading out towards Loop 534. I’ll see what direction calls to me when I hit the intersection. Hop in…take a little ride with me!

So, I’m thinkiscenic route art-01ng a little shopping today. Yep…to Center Point it is. At the red light in Center Point…there is only one…on the left hand side of Hwy 27, there is a red brick building. Looks like an old feed store… cool furniture, antiques, and just interesting usable stuff!

A quick stop for a Dr. Pepper and I am there. I see a great… something. It has been turned into a kitchen island…redone with a tin top,drawers and not to mention…great legs. It will look mag in the kitchen. I will have to come back. It won’t fit in the Mini.

It’s Enchilada time! Normally, I’m a taco person. But Los Dos Amigos on FM 480 , which is just right across the highway, has wonderful Green Enchiladas. I cross the bridge…it’s maybe 3 blocks on the left…doesn’t face the street… but, hey, the building’s orange. Into the parking lot I go.

scenic route art-02-01

Absolutely stuffed…I’m thinking siesta.You know…FM 480 is only 6 or so miles long. And…there is that great little park on the river across from the Camp Verde General Store… where you T into Hwy 173. I have a blanket and
a book. Siesta on the river it is. Maybe the zebras will be out on the way back to Kerrville. The Bison were out at Camp Verde!

What a nice little road trip…thank you for coming along. Catch ya later.


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